Weapons of Reason

Independent magazines are an excellent platform for creative design and interesting content, and Weapons of Reason is no exception. The magazine is produced by London creative agency Human After All in partnership with D&AD, the magazine will be exploring the global issues shaping our world. The new issue is set to launch shortly with a further seven to be published over the next four years until 2018. Each issue is split into three sections; the past, the present and the future.

The very first issue is available to pre-order now and covers The Arctic. Content includes: Author Dr Jobn McCannon’s essential history of the Arctic, a look at why the Arctic is melting so quickly and what this means for the world, as well as experts outlining their visions of what the future holds for the Arctic. Each issue also features some beautiful artwork – have a sneak peek on their instagram page.


Weapons of Reason is the latest offering from the same agency behind other innovative independent magazines such as Little White Lies and Think Quarterly, a publication for Google which focuses on thought leadership for Global business leaders, leading with plenty of illustration. Interviews with the founder Danny Miller suggest that the magazine could be just the start for this project –  for more insight into Weapons of Reason, take a look at this interview.

You can pre-order your own copy of Weapons of Reason now.


Image Credit: YCN