Join Us - The Global Group
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Don’t walk behind.

We will find you a new path.

We’re always on the look out for talented, adventurous people. Only those who dare to be different need apply.


We are proud to live and breathe our values, and recognise the importance of a healthy balance between living and working. This is part of the reason we chose to be located by the beach, and why our city clients love to visit. The Global Adventure runs right through the agency from our employees to our clients. We believe everyone should experience the thrill of the unknown, push creative boundaries, venture into the unknown fearlessly and make lifelong friends that help you along the way.


Our people are respected and celebrated for who they are, whatever background, culture or outlook they have. It’s our mix of unique personalities that enrich our creativity and make us pretty punchy at curating and delivering successful brand adventures. The quirks and quality of the team we employ, are what attracts amazing clients to us and enhances the power of our delivery. For that we feel fortunate, and is why the wellbeing and nurturing of our team is important to us. We say thank you with additional perks that will make you love working here even more. Here is just a taster…

Birthday Day off. We thank our lucky stars that you were born and frankly this needs celebrating. Take the day off and party like it’s 1999.


Additional day off.  Not only do you get the pleasure of working with us, we reward you with an additional day off for the first five years you are with us.


Global Socials. Enjoy regular socials throughout the year, including our annual summer parties complete with pizza, drinks and fun and games on the beach. Think of it as the warm up to our Christmas blow out.


Creative environment. An inspiring office is essential to keeping us creative. We have different break out areas that encourage collaborative working. Imagine getting the chance to sit in the park every single day!


Personal Development. From training Tuesdays, to learning lunches, we encourage development and growth with our in-house dedicated Global Adventures. Warning. Not for the faint hearted.


Rewards programme. We high five our star players with an internal recognition platform that earns you points. What do points make? You guessed it.

Sound like a bit of you? We don’t currently have any roles available but send us your CV and we’ll get in touch to discuss how you could join the Global Adventure.