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Does your workplace reflect your employer branding?

When it comes to employer branding, it’s easy to remember the obvious stuff like brochures and websites – but have you considered your actual workplace and staff? Employer branding is defined as the image of your organisation, held by current employees and stakeholders. The key aim for employer branding is to attract employees to the company and then retain them. Have a look at our previous post for a more detailed discussion on employee branding.

When you’ve put so much work into making sure that all your printed collateral reflects your employer brand, why would you neglect the interior space of your business? By consistently communicating your internal brand messages, you can ensure that employees are on board with the company’s values. Julie Roy in an article from Talent Management magazine further explains that, “ when professionals choose an organization for its attractive branding, and subsequently experience the reality of the “brand promise” upon joining the business, they “are clear on company values and messaging, and feel part of a greater purpose.”

Aligning the interior of your business with the rest of your company branding has a greater function that simply making the workplace look visually appealing. The consistent communication of corporate vision and culture helps a business find the right people, retain those people and grow – both internally and externally – as a result.

The Global Group has worked with both Virgin Media and Ageas to develop their employer branding and subsequently bring this to life in the business environment. From office signage to wall vinyls, their offices highlight core messages and values, in keeping with the rest of their internal communications. For more information or to arrange a consultation, view our internal communications expertise page.

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