What are Bluetooth Beacons?

Beacons are a really useful way of connecting with customers by sending out location-based information. They are low-powered radio transmitters, acting a bit like a lighthouse and sending out a signal to iOS and Android smartphones. There are a variety of makes out there but we particularly like Estimote for their colourful and interesting look.


Whilst they tend to be not to be connected to the internet, we are seeing an increase in internet enabled beacons. Beacons are completely unaware of nearby mobile devices. They don’t connect to them or steal their data. They simply send out a signal and their applications are incredibly valuable.


Beacons are useful in a range of situations such as retail, restaurants and universities mainly for their precise targeting capabilities in terms of both location and timing. A restaurant, for example, might transmit a special offer to passing customers as way to draw them in. They can also be used in very specific ways; such as a hotel can have different messages being transmitted to different sections of the building applicable to nearby facilities and services. That’s how highly targeted they can be. Hotels could also use beacons to alert guests to special offers that day, for example discount on spa treatments or special events happening that evening.


A study conducted by beacon platform Swirl found that 73 percent of shoppers who received a beacon-triggered message on their smartphone said it increased their likelihood of making a purchase during a store visit, while 61 percent said the message would prompt them to visit the store more often.


One slight downfall to beacons is that smartphone owners do have to have a certain mobile app to be able to read the signal being transmitted by a beacon. If they don’t, then no message will arrive. However, if they do have that app, it doesn’t need to be running to be alerted to the beacon signal.


Beacon technology is a brilliant way to target customers and they don’t have to do anything, other than agree to receive these messages. If they do, they can receive highly personalized messages that are relevant to them and improve their experience. The possibilities are only just beginning to be explored with companies experimenting and learning what works most effectively.


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