Ways to boost your internal comms


For internal communication messages to stick, how that message is put across is just as important as the message itself. Of course, the challenge lies in coming up with alternative or unusual strategies and techniques that will ensure the message comes across and is also memorable.


Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and think creatively. Whether you create an immersive, powerful experience or produce eye-catching visuals to communicate your message, don’t fall into the trap of the uninspiring and the familiar. Step outside your comfort zone.


There’s a reason why guerrilla style tactics have become popular with marketers over the recent years. Nothing brings messages to life better than disruption. It grabs the attention and sparks excitement and interest. Disruption brings messages to life in a unique and impactful way. If unconventional works for your brand, then this can be an effective technique.

Check out the video below from Target. They staged a fashion show by renting out the entire Standard Hotel and hiring dancers and models to perform the synchronised routine in the hotel windows. Whilst this is an example of disruption on a huge scale (and budget!) it does show how much of a statement it can make.

Be Human

Depending on the message, sometimes creating a human persona that becomes a friendly face and voice for the campaign can be the best approach. This is especially true where you might need to communicate something difficult or complicated. For example, that persona could form the basis for an online chat bot that employees can engage and interact with.

Having a human persona that uses informal, colloquial language gives it a more friendly and approachable feel. Even for less challenging communications, taking that human to human approach allows a business to build better connections resulting in a deeper level of engagement.

Challenge the competition

Another popular technique being employed by businesses is the use of gamification. The technique helps to create a sense of play, which helps to increase engagement and bring teams together.

Adding a competitive element can help liven up an employee workshop. For example, put teams together and test their knowledge of a new service. The drive to win can really boost performance and productivity, making the process of learning much more engaging and interesting.

Talking face to face

The face to face approach, for example with an interactive workshop, is by far the most effective form of internal communications that you can take to really engage employees.

Think inventively about how to involve employees and spark conversation. For example, to aid understanding and communication between departments, you could hold Q&A sessions which give the opportunity for departments to quiz each other and find out more about what they do.


Augmented Reality

Technology presents some great opportunities to provide a richer, more immersive visual experience. Augmented Reality (AR) for example, enables you to integrate different types of content for a more interactive experience, such as merging printed graphics with digital video.

By thinking creatively, internal communications can address many of the issues surrounding engagement that many businesses encounter. If you enjoyed reading this post, have a look at our other blogs on internal comms.

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