Wanted Wednesday: Today

Kickstarter is just brilliant. It has brought about numerous beautiful and innovative products thanks to it’s crowdfunding format and this week’s Wanted Wednesday is no exception.

“Today” is a 24-hour timepiece that aims to change the way you see your day. Designed by award-winning media artist and horologist Scott Thrift, Today uses a 24-hour movement, engineered and assembled in Germany and moves at half the speed of a regular clock.

Inspiring a sense of calm and balance and stretching your perception of time, it completes one revolution every 24 hours to make space for all the things in life that cannot be counted.

Today’s $24,000 Kickstarter goal will go towards the production of the clock, packaging, high quality printing, and support fees. Kickstarter backers will be able to pledge for a 5” desk clock ($88), an 11” wall clock ($118), or a steel and glass 11” wall clock ($158).

This is the second Kickstarter campaign that Thrift has run. The previous campaign in 2011 was for “ThePresent”, the world’s first annual clock to tell the time in seasons. It was a runaway success, quadrupling it’s goal on Kickstarter and became a MoMA Design Store Bestseller.

Thrift hopes that Today will do the same a ThePresent – expand our awareness of time – “We are long overdue for ways of relating to time that are a lot less like a computer and a lot more human.”

If you would like to pledge, or find out more about the project, head to the Today Kickstarter campaign page. You can also pledge for any of the Today clocks as a bundle with ThePresent.