Wanted Wednesday: The S-Ray Mini Directional Speaker


Welcome to the first Wanted Wednesday post of 2018, a series featuring some of the latest products that have caught our eye recently. This year at CES, Samsung’s Creative Lab will be revealing the Sound-Ray, also known as the S-Ray Portable Directional Speaker. The portable speaker provides directional audio to give you private listening without having to use headphones.

The device consists of two small speakers dubbed Mini and Handy, that work in combination with the Neck Bend, which you wear around your neck. The device, according to Samsung’s video, appears to be about the size of a pebble making it very light and incredibly portable.

If you want to avoid having to put on earphones for a long time, which can cause ear pain, and avoid distracting others – something that Bluetooth speakers can cause, then the S-Ray could be the ideal solution.

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