Wanted Wednesday: Spinn Coffee Machine

As big coffee fans, we’re always excited to see new innovations. New to the coffee machine market is Spinn. The machine offers a revolutionary new way to enjoy quality roasts and specialty coffee drinks right on your kitchen countertop. It features a unique centrifugal brewing system that allows one machine to make everything from your morning latte to your afternoon espresso with zero mess.

Not only does it have a unique brewing system, Spinn fits right into the connected home thanks to the built in WiFi. There is also the Spinn app, which users to precisely control every aspect of the brewing process or let Spinn handle the details with pre­programmed recipes and brewing methods recommended by professional roasters and baristas around the world.

Spinn’s built­-in grinder and water filter mean there’s nothing to clean up and only dry, spent grounds to compost. With an intelligent hopper, Spinn knows when the machine is running low on beans and will automatically select the next roast to order from the user’s personalized bean list. The machine also integrates with Amazon’s Alexa so users can finally enjoy a truly hassle­free cup of coffee at home.

The Spinn Coffee Machine ships in 2017 and is currently available to pre-order from $299. Head over to the Spinn website for more details.