Wanted Wednesday: Retro-Futuristic from Love Hultén


Love Hultén have an incredible ability to blend the retro with the futuristic in all that they create. Their collection of audio, gaming, communications and visual devices fuse together traditional craftsmanship with modern technology all whilst playing with preconceptions about art and design. The result is a catalog of one-of-a-kind devices that are an attractive alternative to contemporary appliances.

Take the PET De Lux which is a stunning tribute to the first home computer model on the market in 1977 – the PET 2001 released by Commodore. This reinvention has taken that computer model and housed it in American walnut, emulating video game systems such as Commodore64 and NES. To add to that authentic retro gaming experience, the computer is accompanied by wireless controllers inspired by the TAC-2 joystick.


Another icon, the Apple Macintosh, has also received the Love Hultén treatment. Like the original, it retains the original dimensions of the Macintosh 128k, however this luxury replica is handmade from American walnut rather than plastic and has a Mac Mini mounted inside. The floppy drive has been replaced with a DVD drive and features a built in handle for lifting. Completing the set up is a wireless mouse made from walnut and custom keyboard with blue cherry MX tactile switches covered in gold plated key caps made from zinc.


Inspired by vintage cassette tape players and AM/FM radios, Zette System is an all-in-one gaming console handcrafted from wood. When it’s not being used, the console neatly assembles together in the style of a boombox with the help of hidden neodymium magnets.

Incredibly the portable two-player system is capable of storing over 10,000 game titles. There are four main segments which consist of the system console, two wireless joypads, and an additional loudspeaker for stereo. The main console computer emulates all the classic consoles from Atari 2600 to the NES so you can enjoy all your retro favourites.  The built in battery provides two hours of gaming on the go and can also be used whilst charging. One really neat feature of the Zette System is that the loudspeaker also doubles up as storage for all your accessories such as cables.


For more futuristic-retro design, check out the rest of the collection over on the Love Hultén Design website where you can also buy some of these one off pieces.

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