Wanted Wednesday: Radinn G2X Jetboard


Water sport fans – you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this week’s Wanted Wednesday, which is perfect for getting out on the water during the warmer months.


The Radinn G2X Jetboard is an all-electric wakeboard that does away with the need for a tow-boat or cable. Instead, it relies on an electric brushless motor to provide a smooth, virtually silent ride at speeds of up to 58kph without any messy oil changes or maintenance.

With the 2.8 kWh battery you get a reasonable time out on the water 45-minute ride (25 minutes at top speed). If that’s not long enough for you, you can purchase additional power packs for an added boost. You can also purchase the ultra-fast charger for a speedy 2 hour charging time giving you enough time to grab drinks and snacks before heading out again.

There is also a smart remote control that vibrates when juice is getting low, giving you time to get back to dry land and avoid being stranded.

Check out the video below of the Radinn G2X Jetboard in action. For more information, visit: radinn.com. The jetboard is available to purchase for €9,900.