Wanted Wednesday: PowerRay Underwater Drone


The PowerRay Underwater Drone is the ideal gadget for both filmmakers and fishermen. Operating at a depth of 30 meters, or 98 feet, for 4 hours at a time, the drone can be used in fresh, salt and chlorinated water.

With 4K UHD video, 1080P real time streaming and 12 MP camera, you can capture amazing footage for your latest production or catch fish with clarity.


To ensure it doesn’t get lost, the drone is attached to a 50 metre cable that tethers the device to a base station above water. This cable also supplies power to and video from the PowerRay back to the base station.

There are three different packages available. The most basic package, the PowerRay Explore, includes just the The PowerRay.

The PowerRay Angler, gives fishers a way to cheat thanks to the PowerRay Fishfinder, which shines lights and drops bait using the remotely operated ‘Bait Drop Line’. The detachable PowerSeeker FishFinder can be used as a standalone device. The Fishfinder leverages sonar and internal Wi-Fi to send detailed information on fish distribution, underwater temp, depth, underwater landscape and fish alerts on mobile app.

If you’re after an immersive underwater experience, the PowerRay Wizard edition includes a VR headset enabling you to explore open water without having to wrangle with a wetsuit.

Head here for more information. The PowerRay drone is available to buy from €1,599.