Wanted Wednesday: Portable Robot Printer


The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer, designed by Zuta Labs, is a clever reimagining of the traditional printer. Despite everything else being increasingly portable, the printer has so far remained tethered to the desktop, taking up vast amounts of space. Zuta Labs has condensed the technology down into something which can easily fit in your bag. It is essentially a printhead on small wheels.

To print with the Mini Mobile, you place it at the top of the paper and then thanks to the clever software and motors, it travels across the page placing ink as guided by the document.

The Mini Mobile printer has a rechargeable battery and connects directly to smartphones and PCs, supporting Android, iOS, Windows, OS X and Linux enabling you to print on any size of paper. It’s not the fastest, printing at 1.2 pages a minute but this is a step in the right direction when nearly all technology is portable.

The Kickstarter project has already exceeded it’s target of $400,000 and you can pre-order a Mini Mobile Robotic Printer for $135 here.


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