Wanted Wednesday: PaperBricks

Sustainable production is something that we’re very keen on here at Global. So we were very interested when we came across the Paperbricks project by WooJai Lee, a Korean- New Zealander designer based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


Paper is one of the most produced and discarded materials in the world. Paperbricks are an exploration of how to recycle paper in more sustainable ways. Although paper can be recycled, the quality downgrades with each cycle as the fibers grow smaller.

paperbricks woojai

Paperbricks seeks to give paper a new sustainable and long lasting life. The bricks are made from recycled newspapers, which are mixed with glue and turned into pulp before being shaped into bricks.

paperbricks woojai

The Paperbricks are as sturdy as real bricks and have a marbled effect. They are so sturdy, in fact, that they can be used to construct furniture. The collection features a bench and two coffee tables.

For more information about this and other projects, visit WooJai’s website.