Wanted Wednesday: Norton Core Router


Smart thermostats, doorbells, fridges…the Internet of Things is transforming our homes. However all this connectivity poses a problem. It leaves us vulnerable to malware and standard routers just don’t offer the level of protection needed against malicious attacks.

Unlike computers, IoT devices are fairly unsophisticated in terms of security and therefore are more vulnerable to malware. Cybercriminals could easily infiltrate your network and reach online data from a compromised smart thermostat.

Fortunately, the likes of the Norton Core Router are addressing this issue with a new device that monitors and protects from any suspicious digital activity within your home. Essentially it’s a secure WiFi router that’s been souped up with a range of features designed to cater for digital family life. It looks pretty stylish too which is a bonus.


The Norton Core router is operated via a smartphone app designed with family life in mind. Via the app you’re able to access a range of tools that allow you to monitor and manage screen time by person, control time limits by device and set content filters. If you want to pause the entire network, you can do that too. You can even give priority to certain devices or activity in the house, create secure guest networks all at the touch of a button and control the network from absolutely anywhere.

The Norton Core router marks a new standard of home internet security and the fact that it looks great too is an added bonus. Check out the video below to see it in action.

The router is currently only available to buy in the USA with no date announced as to when it’s available here. Head here for more information about Norton Core.