Wanted Wednesday: Mr Go! Lantern

It’s our final Wanted Wednesday of 2016 and this week it’s the Mr Go! LED Lantern from Koncept. For those wanting a stylish, minimal yet portable light this is perfect.

The MR Go! lantern features a unique curved light panel design, whilst rechargeable built-in batteries enable you to use it anywhere. The USB charger also means you can power-up devices, making it ideal for camping and other outdoor activities where light and power are limited.

The lantern has a leather strap allowing you to hang it anywhere that you need outdoor light.

The co-designer of the lantern, Edward Ng, explains, “I can imagine it being used like a regular table lamp or as an LED lantern for camping and any other outdoor activities. I can even imagine it being used at restaurantswhere guests could sit down, view the menus and at the same time charge their phones, a free service to the guests! With imagination, the possibilities are endless.”

With multiple levels of brightness, the battery lasts 5 hours at the highest setting and 20 hours at the lowest setting. The built-in battery can also fully charge the latest iPhone twice over.

The Mr Go! lantern is still in the final development stage but is expected to be available soon. Head to the Koncept website for more information.