Wanted Wednesday: The incredible LG Rollable Display

At CES, back in January, LG unveiled a number of futuristic concept displays to showcase the potential of OLED displays, including the world’s first 55 inch rollable TV display. Unlike anything that has been designed before, this display can be rolled up like a newspaper and is paper thin. At first glance, you could mistake it for something that might be used in a craft project.


LG Rollable Display

Whilst only a concept at the moment, the idea of this becoming a reality is incredible. With something so flexible and portable it has the potential to change how we watch television. Whilst still in it’s concept stage, there are some issues to iron out, mainly that of cost – if you want to bag yourself one these displays, expect to shell out several thousand pounds. That said, sign us up. If this is the future of televisions, it’s looking very good indeed.