Wanted Wednesday: Kitch’T

What we love about brilliant design is that it solves problems whilst looking great. This is exactly what the Kitch’T concept achieves. Created by dsignedby, a company founded by Serbian designer Irena Kilibarda. Thanks to her background of architectural design, she combines simplicity with classical influences, finished off by high-tech touches.

The Kitch’t is a nifty compact unit which can be easily moved from apartment to apartment. With an increasing number of people renting and regularly moving into new homes, it addresses the need for flexibility when it comes to our interiors.

The sleek and stylish unit contains everything you’d expect in a kitchen, all underneath the solid Corian DuPont worktop. Inspired by the award-winning Table T, the Kitch’T features built in storage, as well as cooking and washing appliances, with easy connection to water and electrical supplies. There is also space to sit and relax with friends and family.

The unit is well suited to young professionals looking for something that is functional and space-spacing yet looks great. Dsignedby took their market into consideration and have ensured that it is affordable for young professionals.

The tables are made to order and can be custom sized. Prices vary. Visit www.dsignedby.com for more information.