Wanted Wednesday #7: Keep Fresh, Stay Rad Typography Cards

This week we are loving these bright, bold and fresh typography cards from Friends of Type. You’ll never need to put up with tacky, dull and bland cards again with this bumper crop of cards for all occasions including birthdays and Valentine’s day. Best of all the recipient will have a cool card that they will want to keep.

The collection of cards features artwork from the Friends of Type website and is inspired by calligraphy, graffiti, pop culture, comics and hip-hop. Each card also features stunning typography.


Friends of Type are a group of designers: Aaron Carambula, Dennis Payongong, Erik Marinovich and Jason Wong, who work for different agencies. They came together to form Friends of Type thanks to their shared interest in design and typography, putting their skills together. Typography-Keep-Fresh-Stay-Rad-Friends-of-Type-002

This beautiful set is available to buy online from the Friends of Type website for $19.95 which is an absolute steal, especially as it also includes a 24-page mini-zine including their creative thoughts and processes to inspire other creatives. This is one item we will definitely be adding to our wish list.



Post via You The Designer