Wanted Wednesday: HP Sprout Pro G2


There are a few things that get our studio excited. If it’s not cake then it’ll be new gadgets. Our #wantedwednesday pick this week, the HP Sprout Pro G2 3D scanner, is very cool and something we’re itching to get our hands on.

The original Sprout by HP was launched in 2014 and the Sprout Pro G2 is an upgraded version of the original with some features that make it a very powerful tool for creatives.

The new model, the Sprout Pro G2, features more powerful processing, higher resolution projection, a more accurate precision pen and advanced 3D scanning. The G2 also has a larger display at 23.8 inches and a bigger Touch Mat at 21.3 inches.

The Touch Mat supports 20 simultaneous touch points enabling you to draw your digital projects. It can also be used to scan 3D objects that are placed either on the mat or above it, as well as documents up to A3 size. In addition, the built in camera also has “quick 3D Capture Capability” enabling it to read an object that you hold and rotate in front of it.

All this hardware is supported with a suite of compatible software called WorkTools accessed by a physical button that brings up the Sprout apps within Windows 10 Pro. This allows users to scan and manipulate 2D and 3D objects.

For anyone working within 3D design, the Sprout Pro G2 is a very powerful machine with some exciting capabilities. This new model has greatly improved upon the original Sprout scanner making this a really useful tool.

At £3,135.61, geting your hands on one isn’t cheap, but if you work in 3D design, it could well be worth the investment. See it in action below and head here for more information.

Image Credit: Ubergizmo