Wanted Wednesday: Gather Desk Tidy


We’ve featured a number of Kickstarter projects on this blog over time – it’s a great source of really interesting and innovative products. The latest project to catch our eye is the Gather desk tidy.


Gather is the latest inspired idea from Jeff Sheldon, founder and designer of Ugmonk. The idea for Gather was the result of needing something that could provide a central place to store everything but wasn’t ugly or cheaply made.


Gather is a beautifully-designed, minimal organiser that can be adapted for your own use ensuring all your tools are in one easy to reach place. The modular design means it can be configured hundreds of different ways and positioned exactly as you need it. Additional pieces can be attached to the main base to create a bigger organiser.


With an initial target of $18,000, Gather has well exceeded that and with 16 days to go, is sitting at just over $300,000. Head here for more information and to make a pledge. Gather is due to be delivered in December 2017.


Image Credit: The Gadget Flow