Wanted Wednesday: Etch Clock

Switzerland-based company 42foundry has created ETCH, a clock that explores a new and innovative way to show time. The idea behind ETCH is to give time more importance by giving it a physical presence.

The ETCH Clock consists of an elastic membrane that transforms itself into 3D digital numbers with a smooth and relaxing actuation. The elegant frame is made from aluminium and the elastic surface of elastomer is a dark Peacock colour, with more colours planned in the future.

The clock comes with a supporting mobile app, which enables you to sync the ETCH time with the current time and choose how the time should be displayed from 2 options. ‘Sync & Go’ displays the time every 30 seconds and ‘Sync & Sensor’ shows the time every 30 seconds if there is ambient sound.

ETCH is one of the most interesting and innovative timepieces around. Not only is it a way of displaying the time but it also makes a great statement piece for the home or office.

For more information and to order head to the ETCH Clock website.