Dyson fans

Wanted Wednesday #5 – The Dyson Fan

It’s typical isn’t it? Often in the UK, we complain about how wet and cold it is, and long for hotter sunnier drier days. Then when those longed for summer days arrive, we complain that it’s too hot and the places where work and live suddenly begin to feel like furnaces. Then begins the search for a suitable solution to keep cool. Over the past few weeks we have been kept cool(er) with a continuous supply of ice creams and fans on full blast. However they haven’t quite done the job, so this air cooler arrived yesterday.

air conditioning unit

It’s too early to tell yet if this will do the job is keeping the Global Group offices cooler – watch this space! When it comes to design though, the Dyson fan definitely wins our vote. There are three models – desk fan, tower fan and pedestal fan, are allĀ sleek and stylish, combining power and with low noise. There is also a pretty cool video produced by Dyson to promote the fans, which makes us want one in the office even more! For now though we’ll settle for our new air cooler and a cornetto ice cream.

Image credit: Gizmag