Wanted Wednesday #4 – Biolite Portable Grill

The Biolite portable grill is one of those camping essentials you’ll wonder how you managed without. Whether you want a solution that doesn’t take up lots of space in the car or you need something that packs easily into your rucksack, the portable grill is the ideal solution. This compact stove weighs just 4 pounds and doesn’t require the bulk of fuel such as gas. It simply requires twigs, wood shavings and any other small pieces of wood that you can find. The small internal fan creates air flow to ensure that the fire burns efficiently.


Not only does the stove mean you can cook food and heat water with the kettle pot, the heat from the fire generates electricity which runs the fan, with any excess powering a USB outlet to charge devices such as phones. This additional feature makes it great back up option whether stored in your car and kept at home for emergency situations.



The full CampStove bundle with CampStove, Portable Grill and KettlePot can be purchased online for $224, and is shipped to a number of countries worldwide.