Wanted Wednesday #3 – Vintage Rubber Stamps

As our lives become increasing consumed by technology, it comes as no surprise that there seems to be a growing trend for all things vintage. Although vintage mainly seems concerned with fashion, it is an area that is growing with other industries seeing a rising interest in vintage too. Whether that’s genuine vintage items, the modern combining with the old, or simply reproductions of old items. It would seem that there’s just something about items from the past that make you feel all nostalgic. Maybe it’s our tendency to look back with rose-tinted glasses or perhaps that “vintage” items seem to have so much more character and history. There is also the way an era, such as the 1920’s can embody certain values. Whatever the reason, vintage  has caught the imagination of so many people in all areas from fashion to interior design.

In keeping with this vintage trend, we have chosen this vintage rubber stamp letter wooden box set for this week’s Wanted Wednesday feature. Since we have a background in printing, it seems fitting that we should feature print related blog posts.  There is something fun and slightly rustic about the rubber stamp letter set and it gives a hand made look to any project. Although brand new, the stained wood gives you the impression it has been stored away on a shelf for years, whilst the lettering has a hand crafted feel about it. All the stamps are nicely contained in a box ready for your next crafty project. There are different variations of the set, some contain a mix of both upper and lowercase letters, whilst others, like the one below contains just lowercase, all of which are ideal for someone with a love for both vintage and craft.