Wanted Wednesday #1

This week we bring you first in our series of Wanted Wednesday, cool stuff that’s on our wanted list. The first on our list is Type Trumps. If you’ve ever played Top Trumps, love a bit of competition and have a passion for typography, this is the new card game for you. With two varieties to choose from, the games provide hours of entertainment. Both decks feature some instantly recognisable typefaces from publications such as The Times, as well as the typefaces used on road signs and on the London underground. Battle with other players in categories such as weight, price and special power in a quest to win cards. This is the perfect gift for design nerds and makes a handy reference guide. You can purchase Type Trumps in places such as Tate Modern and the V&A museum London. Alternatively they can be purchased online.

The second item on our wanted list for this week is a magnetic pencil. How useful is this? If you are constantly searching round for a pencil and close to magnetic surfaces, then this has to be top of your essential items list. Made from cedar wood with no varnish, this functional tool is not only useful but eco-friendly too! It’s ideal for sticking your shopping list to the fridge or jotting down reminders. The magnetic pencil was designed by Phillippe Ferreux and is available to buy online from twentytwentyone for £3.00.