UK Customer Experience Awards 2017


Recently some of our team headed to London for the UK Customer Experience Awards 2017 where we were named as joint finalists with our client Molson Coors in the Employee Engagement category.

Read on to discover more about the project we entered into the awards in collaboration with Molson Coors.

The Employee Engagement Problem


Molson Coors found that they were experiencing a customer engagement issue whereby employees weren’t aware of the role they played in the end customer experience. Many of their team worked across multiple sites, sometimes remotely without any direct interaction with the end client.


The Creative and Disruptive Solution


We were tasked with a brief to create a campaign that would create an awareness of the internal customer and ensured that every staff member was aware of the part they played in the customer experience.

The campaign needed to bring a sense of fun and have a less corporate approach compared to previous internal communications. As the activities needed to be visual and disruptive, desk drops seemed like an effective way to deliver this messaging.

We were involved in the whole process, working with Molson Coors to source, create and produce desk drops that helped employees to create their own internal customer and encourage them to consider their role within the whole process.

The Impact


As part of this campaign it was important that communications were peer to peer and so messaging needed to be seen as coming from the staff.

Staff were actively encouraged to use the social media network Yammer and share photos online of their characters to help bring them to life. This was a break through moment in terms of engagement as employees were organically sharing their internal customer creations.

The campaign was also supported with further giveaways which enabled the internal customers to be brought to life.


The Results


Both Molson and ourselves were delighted that the campaign delivered great results and with a minimal financial outlay.

Within a two-year span, there were a number of positive results such as improving their position in the Advantage Survey and the Net Promoter Score. There was also a reduction in detractors from 12% to 4% which has generated an additional financial contribution for Molson Coors. There was an 18-point increase in overall engagement with the “Knowing the part I play” in their customer ambition question.

The desk drop campaign enabled Global to help Molson Coors address the problem creatively and lead to tangible results on a small budget.

As our relationship has evolved, we’ve come to better understand what Molson Coors needs and therefore can offer increasingly creative and innovative solutions to their briefs to deliver the results they are looking for.

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