Case Study Tricuro

The Journey with Tricuro:

3 councils merging.

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A New Beginning

Pre-BCP merger, Tricuro was the first time 3 councils had come together. The joint venture employs over 1,500 staff and provides a range of care and support to older people; people with physical and learning disabilities; people with mental health needs; carers and clients’ families. The project was politically forward thinking. With that came a hornet’s nest of political considerations. Global managed 3 key stakeholders that all wanted ownership of the project.

Bringing The Love

We find ourselves successfully navigating highly “political” waters, where others fail. We find ourselves successfully navigating highly “political” waters, where others fail. We believe that every task is about the human beings involved, more than “Politik”. Driven people are about emotion. A sense of justice. Great employees have their core values and beliefs aligned with the company. It’s about personal experience and perception of the world, and the impact we want to have. At the heart of the brand were the common values of trust, care and togetherness. Central to the rollout was the Tri-pin logo mark concept. The pin captured the sense of locations and their identities. They came together to form a heart shape, reflecting the caring values, the strategic direction of 3 councils coming together, and the underlying nature of the business.

Increased Engagement

As Tricuro continues to provide high-quality care with highly trained and skilled staff, we are confident that their vibrant and welcoming brand identity will strengthen their connection with the community and leave a positive impact for years to come. We are super proud of the result. Often committee based assignments produce a camel. We feel that our processes enable us to keep making thoroughbreds. Success comes from the way that we communicate as an outside agency. It comes from people being listened to, and engaged in the process. Our success comes from each stakeholder and outcome having a sense of ownership, yet delivering a clear, simple and engaging expression that elevates everyone.

Welcome to Tricuro