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Top 5 tips for restaurants using Instagram

Instagram is a photo-sharing app with over 400 million users. People share everything from selfies to holiday snaps. You also can’t scroll through the stream of images without at least one person sharing what they’ve eaten that day.

Restaurants should also be capitalizing on this trend for sharing food photos by incorporating Instagram into their marketing. Great photos of delicious food can help drive customers to visit. Although plenty of people share images taken on phones, you can also share more professional images to really showcase your dishes.

Here are our top 5 tips for restaurants on how to make Instagram photos look amazing:

  • Lighting – think about the lighting – food photographs best in natural light so avoid using flash or harsh overhead lighting
  • Filters – Get creative with the range of filters available to enhance the quality of your images. You can also use collage apps to stich together several different photos
  • Post a variety of images – make sure you don’t just post photos of your food, take photos of the interior or staff working to capture the ambience of the restaurant
  • Staging – Don’t just consider what is being directly photographed but also what is in the background. A wooden table or white table cloth helps to make the subject of your photograph stand out whilst additional props add further interest and context. Try to keep it looking natural. If you photograph from above, try not to include extra shadows.
  • Use a proper camera – whilst mobile phones are great for producing those spur of the moment images, try to use a stand-alone camera, such as a DSLR to ensure your photographs look as good as possible. Don’t forget about post-production either but avoid making photos look over-processed.

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