Top 5 Creative Workplaces

Offices don’t have to be boring spaces, in fact a well-designed and creative space can inspire and improve employees’ productivity. Your office interior should reflect your company’s internal branding and why not have a bit of fun with it? Offices don’t have to be dull and bland – get inspired with our top 5 creative workplaces.

1) Innocent Drinks – The playful nature of Innocent is captured perfectly by the brand at ‘Fruity Towers’. This is no ordinary office which features fake grass, bunting and what else – an English telephone box.
2) Ticketmaster – you’d expect a company that provides fun experiences for customers to offer the same for it’s employees and they don’t disappoint. Social areas are packed with games and fun galore including games consoles, ping pong table and a slide.
3) Airbnb – Each room at this holiday accommodation company office has been inspired by destinations across the world reflecting their ‘home-from-home’ ethos. From cosy living room style meeting rooms to a surprisingly homely kitchen – you’d be forgiven for thinking you were actually at one of the many properties available through the company.
4) Google, London – Google are renowned for their quirky offices and the Google London HQ is no different. From surreal to downright eccentric, each area has it’s own personality, from chintzy to English pub. Head out onto the outdoor terrace for amazing views across London.
5) The Global Group – Not to blow our own trumpet or anything but we think our own office is pretty cool. The building started life as a hospital warehouse but is now the bustling home to Global. Some of the more unusual features include ‘the park’, the chalkboard wall in the kitchen and for those all important social events – the bar.
Think you’ve got a cool and creative office – send us some pictures, we might feature them in our next post. If you want some advice on how you can inject some of your brand into the office interior, then get in touch with us at hello[at] or give us a call on 01202 727070.