Top 10 Tips for Restaurants Using Twitter

Twitter can be a great way for restaurants to build awareness of the brand and connect with customers. If Twitter isn’t a key part of your marketing strategy, you could be missing out on reaching potential customers. Check out the following tips that will ensure you stand out amongst your competitors.


1) Twitter is all about building up connections. You can help grow your customer base by following local residents and businesses. If they like what they see from your account, they might follow you back.

2) Twitter can be a great customer service tool so remember to check for mentions and respond to messages. If a customer has taken the time to get in touch, it’s only courteous to respond.

3) Try to avoid being too sales focused. Twitter is a communication platform rather than a sales tool so share links from other sources that are on brand, respond to questions from other accounts and join in conversations.

4) Think about using Twitter to gain feedback and shape menus and offers. Get your followers involved and ask them what they would like which will make them feel valued as a customer and therefore increase their loyalty.

5) There are some brilliant automation tools for Twitter, however they can sometimes backfire. So try to avoid using them too often and opt for a more human approach instead. Followers will be wary of any accounts that don’t feel human. Let your brand personality shine through – your customers will appreciate it.

6) Anticipate your customers needs and time your posts accordingly for maximum engagement. For example, if you offer a special lunch deal, share that just before lunchtime when your followers will be thinking about lunch.

7) Hashtags can be a great way to aid discovery, as your tweets will show up to anyone searching on that hashtag. Try to avoid too many though as your main message might get lost.

8) Give your guests a feast for the eyes with photos of the dishes you offer. Research has found that tweets with photos get 313% more engagement – whether it’s a glimpse behind the scenes, showcasing new dishes or extending your character limit, photos are a creative way to liven up your feed.

9) One of the best ways to build followers is to tweet consistently and keep your account active. Tweets have a short life span and with a busy feed, messages can soon get lost. Try to tweet several times a day and experiment with timings to see what works best for you.

10) Reward your followers with exclusive deals and contests that will entice them into the restaurant. From money off vouchers to winning a meal for two, there are plenty of ways that you can increase customer loyalty.


Twitter is just one of the social media channels that your restaurant should be using as part of a marketing strategy. If you like these tips, you might be interested in our guide to using Instagram too.


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