Top 10 Tips for Eye-catching Wine Bottle Designs

With a plethora of wines available, it can be difficult for consumers to know what to pick from the crowded supermarket shelf. Designing a wine bottle label that makes your product stand out is crucial. Even if the product inside is perfect, if your label doesn’t appeal, you may well struggle to shift bottles and vice versa, when the wine isn’t the best, a great design will help.

Follow these 10 tips for eye-catching bottles:

  1. Always make a wine look about £10 more expensive than it is, to make it appear even better value
  2. For wines under £10, go for colourful and whimsical designs – this style is popular with easy drinking, everyday wines
  3. More expensive wines tend to go for a cream or white background and a more traditional and uncluttered look
  4. Mid-range wines suit a modern or contemporary label design – go for bold typography, white space and a splash of colour
  5. Consider extra details to give the impression of quality such as gold foil, stamping or embossing, as well as quality of paper and printing
  6. Use coloured foil to give an impression of taste – reds suggest berries, whilst a green or yellow foil communicates tropical flavours
  7. Use the description on the back to really help the consumer to imagine the wine’s fruity bouquet – the taste will be enhanced and consumption goes up
  8. Ensure that the label design isn’t overly complicated or cluttered as this may be put consumers off – make sure important details are clear and easy to read
  9. Ensure the design fits in with the flavours of the wine. The label needs to be indicative of its contents.
  10. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Sometimes a more unusual design can work and make your bottle stand out from more standard looking bottles

For more inspiration, why not check out our wine label design inspiration board on Pinterest.

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Image Credit: The Coolist

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