The Global Adventure

We thought we’d share our own experiences of internal comms. We hope that the lessons we’ve learnt along the way will help guide your own adventure.


As a company that works in the creative industry, it can be really tough to think of a creative concept for yourself. We create and implement amazing internal branding communication projects for our clients but we never allocated the time or creativity for ourselves. The Global Adventure idea came from the longing to launch our own internal branding project that was relative to our company name. It also needed to have the flexibility to encompass reviews (mid adventure briefings), our values and also enable us to bring an element of excitement to our everyday life.

Over a number of months, I did a lot of inward thinking and worked with awesome consultants to map out what our vision and values were, that would help the business to be even more successful. Those ideas were then left in a folder on my Mac without being acted upon. This was frustrating as Global and its people were not performing to their full capabilities.

Whilst at the Inspire 2016 Entrepreneurs Conference, I heard Alastair Humphreys – Adventurer, Author & Motivational Speaker, give a talk. He really lives up to his title and this inspired me to get it done. His main message from the talk was that every day is an adventure. This was the catalyst for turning my idea of the Global Adventure into a reality and make a huge difference to both my business and all my fellow adventurers.

It’s simple really when you make the association to adventure in terms of business. Some people are great at lighting fires, some people prefer to build shelters, cook or fetch water. Each of those tasks are all hugely important parts of a successful adventure and are crucial for survival. We have taken this idea as a company to ensure that the right people who are great at certain things are empowered to stand up and lead particular parts of a project or mission.

Our Global Icon worked well as the globe and Dan from our creative team had the genius idea of giving it a traditional globe stand, and so the adventure identity was born. As we’re a creative company we couldn’t just communicate to our people in the same way a construction or a normal accountancy firm would do. The adventure is the vehicle for our creativity to shine.

The company strategy has been outlined in a 10 page book in the form of an adventure guide with a map tucked into the back. Our objectives have been simplified and communicated in a fun and engaging way. We are also working with Streetwise HR to rewrite each person’s job description to take into consideration that people may want to step up and lead on various parts of the adventure.

Having worked with numerous clients we have seen how much of a difference it can make to your business by having a strong internal branding project. We also know that it can be a challenge knowing where to start or how best to tie it into the existing culture and values of the brand. This is where working with an agency can help. It can be useful to get a different perspective to develop creative ideas that you may not have considered previously.


The Global Group works with the likes of Virgin Media and Ageas on their internal branding projects so we have loads of experience. Whether that’s signage, internal magazines, internal campaign activations or simply just getting started, we can help.

If you would like to take your company on a creative adventure and see for yourself the difference that communicating and activating your strategy and values can make, then we would love to help. You may find us on the top of a tall building free running or diving into lakes, however more than likely you’ll find us in Boscombe having an adventure at Chicken & Blues on a Wednesday lunchtime.

Darren Mooney,
Creative Director & Everyday Adventurer