The Friday Wishlist: Plastc

If you’re like us, that wallet is probably filled with numerous debit cards, credit cards and store cards, as well as plenty of loyalty cards and maybe even unused gift cards. So we’re adding the Plastc card to our wish list this week. An elegant solution to that problem of having too many cards cluttering up your wallet, it combines them all in just one handy card. With an e-ink display, you simply swipe across to find the right card you want to use. 

It is also completely secure, using PIN code access and offers the option to completely wipe all data off the card from your phone should you need to. It’s also an ideal solution for those who can be a little forgetful – bluetooth proximity alerts notify you, should you leave it behind somewhere. There is also an accompanying app, Plastc Wallet, detailing where and how much you’ve spent on each card stored.

The only downside is that is seems to be limited to American banks at the moment. Fingers crossed there is a UK version in the pipeline. For those who are stateside, Plastc is available to pre-order now for $155.


Post via Cool Material.