Taking the customer experience to a new dimension with AR and VR

Virtual and augmented reality is now more accessible than ever. Both VR and AR offer exciting opportunities for businesses looking to create interactive customer experiences.


Volvo used VR to launch their car, the XC90 SUV and build excitement before the car landed in dealerships. In fact, they were the first company to launch a VR campaign on Google Cardboard, which converts smartphones into VR headsets, simply with cardboard, two lenses and a magnet.

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IKEA created an AR catalogue that allowed customers to visualise exactly how specific pieces of furniture might look in their own home, through a smartphone or tablet.


The beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury used AR-enabled mirrors to scan the faces of the customers sitting in front of them. They would then have the opportunity to browse through different shades of looks, allowing them to imagine how different looks might suit them.


The Lego Digital Box kiosk helps customers to envisage the end product after assembly. Users just need to stand in front of the kiosk with the Lego box and it will show a pseudo 3-D image.


Here are Global, we’ve been exploring the potential of AR and how we can help brands create an immersive experience. Whether that’s AR-enabled restaurant menus or experiential campaigns and brand activations.

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