Smell like your favourite Superhero!

We’ve had work experience student Jess join us here at Global for the past few weeks. She’s been getting involved in all sorts of projects, as well as writing the following blog post….

Always wanted to be like your favourite superhero? Well now you can! Well… You can smell like them  at least. A digital design studio based in Charlotte, North Carolina have created a series of designs for colognes based around popular TV superheroes. Animink have been inspired to create these designs inspired by the characters from both Marvel and DC Universes. Each bottle is based around a famous, well known superhero from ether films or comics. The name of each cologne is described to be the personality that each superhero carries. The “Superhero ‘Serum’ Colognes” series is made up from characters such as Batman, Iron Man, SuperMan and many others. Each bottle is designed to fit the character’s personality.

Batman Perfume Bottle Hulk Perfume bottle IronMan Perfume Bottle Superman Perfume Bottle


By Jess Michell