Smash Cup – A Reusable Travel Mug

We’re big fans of coffee here at Global and not a day goes by without getting through our supply of Lofbergs pods. So you can imagine our interest when we came across the Smash cup project on Kickstarter. It’s a great idea, from New York-based designer Ben Melinger, which seeks to address the number of disposable cups that are thrown  away every day. The alternative is a travel mug that can be collapsed down when not in use, to fit in your bag, drawer or pocket.

The dishwasher-safe cup is made from silicone and consists of three different parts. The smash cup can be easily cleaned as well as quickly and easily squashes down. Perfect for those on the go, the cup is also leak-proof with any remaining liquid in the cup safely contained. The cup comes in five different colours: red, green, pink, blue and orange.

Since launching on Kickstarter, the project has raised over $45,000 with a few weeks still left for backers to contribute to the project. It’s expected that the first shipment will go out in October, just in time for the Christmas season. For $15 you can get a single smash cup, you also pledge larger amounts to receive 2 cups, 5 cups or even an office pack of 12 cups.

smash cup


We’ve had a few requests for these cups, however we don’t stock them – we’re just big fans! You can get your hands on Smashcups on their website here.