Share your story with all the right people

When you already have a strong brand in place, telling your story externally can be simple. However, all too often it can be easy to forget about those all-important people within the company too. Urban Guild are a local hospitality company with a number of restaurants across Bournemouth and Poole. They came to Global, already with a strong brand positioning: bohemian, relaxed, friendly and honest.

Internal Comms Urban Guidebook

The Journey.

Past Inspiration.


Embracing the free-spirit.


With that brand positioning already well established, they required a suite of communications material to reflect this. These materials would act as an educational tool that would engage with the typically free spirited and youthful staff.


One essential element within the branding was the pineapple. Not just a popular tropical fruit, it has also symbolised hospitality since colonial times. So Global needed to incorporate this, encapsulate the nature of the brand and promote the philosophy behind it.

Future Creation.


New ways of thinking and a different direction.


Over turning the dated and stuffy vision of corporate manuals and training books, which just weren’t the Urban Guild style, Global designed pocket-sized guides based on Field Notes notebooks. Each pocket size guide was dedicated to an individual area of the business (food, coffee, wine, cocktails, philosophy.


The smaller size made them easy to carry about and refer to when required. Whilst simple infographics helped to highlight and clearly explain the core messages.