Spend this summer in a pop-up office

Escape the stuffy office this summer when temperatures rise and get on board with the latest in the pop-up trend – pop-up offices.

Hot on the heels of other pop-up crazes from shops to restaurants, pop-up offices are great for those who don’t like to stay in one place for too long. These offices are set-up with everything you need to work but they’re far from conventional. Office locations could be anywhere from parks to terraces, cool warehouses to barges!


In the US at Silverspring, Maryland is Outbox, situated amongst restaurants and bars for a lively and collaborative workspace. Whilst closer to home is Popices, an Amsterdam based start-up launching pop-up outdoor spaces. There are plenty of pop-up and co-working options available in the UK too, from renting space or even desks in converted warehouses and ex-showrooms.

Last year, as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2015, a translucent pod was set up in London’s Hoxton Square, equipped with wooden workbenches, electricity and Wi-Fi to provide a temporary workspace and also space during the weekends for community groups to meet. The initiative aimed to encourage more people into the area’s parks and also to enhance public parks and spaces within Hackney.

As rental and property prices soar, pop-up offices are the perfect option for running a business at a lower cost or even testing out a new location for a growing business. The pop-up can also provide fresh inspiration and fantastic networking opportunities – and when the sun is shining, what can be better than getting some fresh air, whilst working alongside other like-minded individuals?


Image Credits: Urdesign and Londonist