Find out why pop-up dining is on the rise

Pop-up dining is on the increase, with more and more appearing each year. Eventbrite has reported that in 2014, the number of food and drink events on their platform increased by 47% compared to the previous year. They analysed 40,000 of these events and found that the fastest growing trend was the pop-up dining experience (82% growth).

If you have a look at Google Trends, it reveals that the term “pop up restaurant” barely existed before 2009. This trend then climbs massively until 2014, when it skyrocketed indicating how the dining concept’s popularity has grown in a short time.

From unexpected locations, a personal interaction with the chef, or a unique menu or theme, these events cater to the “Experiential Diner” looking for something different when it comes to the dining experience.

The beauty of pop-up restaurants is they allow for a new kind of creativity and freedom that brick and mortar restaurants don’t always allow. This is as much about building a brand as it is running a business – perfect for an already established restaurant looking to try out a new concept or for an entrepreneur just starting out.

The typical audience for the pop up restaurant tends to be foodies – those who probably dine out regularly and enjoy trying new experiences. Most pop up events are low key affairs, only discovered by invite only or word of mouth, adding a sense of exclusivity to the event.

The pop up dining trend can take a various range of forms – here are some of them:

The Supper Club

Essentially this is cooking dinner for a group of strangers in your own home, either regularly or one off events. Menus can be pretty much anything from gluten free to world cuisine. These events can also be on a bigger scale, usually described as an intimate dining experience.

Street Food Take Over

Top street food traders take over a kitchen in their local pub for a limited number of nights. Expect short, cheap menus.

The Collab

A great one for pulling in business on quieter nights, top chefs take over the kitchens for a night or team up with the resident chef.

The Pop-Up Series

A series of pop up dinners held at a venue over a number of weeks offering an immersive experience along a theme.


If you would like to experience the pop-up-dining trend for yourself, why not head to one of these pop-up events?

The Art of Dining – This collaboration between Moro trained Chef Ellen Parr and Artist set designer Alice Hodge has resulted in a series of events blending unique venues with carefully crafted set design and Middle Eastern and Spanish influenced dishes. Find out more at:

Jimmy’s Pop Up – With a focus on using the finest seasonal ingredients, this creative company specialize in creating unique dining experiences in a myriad of venues from warehouses to wine shop basements. You can also hire them for events for that one of a kind dinner party. Find out more at:

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