Photography in Web Design

Imagine picking up your newspaper of choice and instead of the usual high quality captivating images that you’ve come to expect, they’ve been replaced by poor, low-resolution images or even no images at all. Photography is hugely important when it comes to print and that doesn’t change when it comes to web design either.

Websites demand strong imagery, alongside well written copy, to capture the attention of visitors. If the website doesn’t look appealing or your visitors can’t find what they are looking for then you’ve lost them. Photography can make or break a website’s power to convert – most websites are selling something, be it a product or service so you need to get it right. Get it wrong and all that time and money invested will go to waste. Your website just won’t perform as well as it could.

We live in a visual society and images sell. You would never dream of buying a house without seeing it. The same can be said for any other goods too. The images on a website tell visitors not only about those goods or service, but about the business. Photography needs to be relevant and taken for purpose. You may well have a wonderful library full of images already, but they may not suit your website’s design. These days, website design is responsive and this needs to be considered when producing the images for the site. Websites not taken for purpose will be unlikely to work so well within the website’s design. So whilst using a photographer to produce images for your website may seem like a big spend, it is well worth the investment.


Via Creative Bloq