Couple send out creative wedding invites

What better way for a photo loving photography couple to send out invites for their wedding than in the shape of film canisters.

The creative invites were inspired by an online¬†article that the couple, Katie and Kyle, had seen previously. Created by rolling the invite, printed on 10-inch strips of paper, up into the canister. The canisters were decorated with personalised stickers, featuring the date and initials of the couple, similar to that of Kodak film canisters. The stickers were printed using an offset press, to “give them a high gloss and sharpness that you can’t get with digital printing,” adds Kyle.

Accompanying the invites was a letterpress RSVP slip, designed to look just like a developing slip. The final result looks great, see below for pictures of the whole process.

Preparing the film canister wedding invites

Film canisters with the invites loaded

Wedding invites with custom printed stickers

The custom printed wedding invite stickers


Post via DesignTaxi. Photos via Imgur.