In Extremis – A Darkly Funny Photo-Series

When photographer Sandro Giordoan had a bicycle accident, he lost 30% of his hand function because he hadn’t let go of the object he was holding when he fell. This inspired him to begin a photo series on Giordoan’s Instagram account ¬†entitled ‘In Extremis (bodies with no regret)’ which is comment on people putting material possessions ahead of their own safety.

The result is a darkly humorous collection of photographs, each with the subjects contorted and twisted into different positions, each with objects in their hands. The staging is exceptional and you can truly imagine that these aren’t constructed at all. Giardoan uses professional actors due to their ability to contort themselves into the positions you ¬†see in the photographs. From the ridiculous to the sublime, there are various settings, from falling down steps and falling out cars to falling into washing machines.






Via Design Taxi.