Wanted Wednesday: Pantone Studio Mobile App


The new Pantone Studio app has got the studio excited this week. Aimed at designers, users can capture colour from their existing surroundings, build and test colours and share work via design software, social media and with friends and colleagues.


Pantone  created the app with the aim on being able to provide designers with their own private colour studio Рsomewhere that they can explore and share their colour inspiration. There is a free option, which has limited features whilst the full version offers access to more than 10,000 standardised hues across all Pantone libraries, visually laid out in colour families to enable users to easily find that they are looking for.


Colour palettes can be built with up to five colours by selecting from the colour guides, extracting from images or searching by colour number. Other features include naming palettes, geotagging locating, adding tags to make palettes searchable and sending palettes directly to Adobe Creative Cloud.


If you want to get your hands on this designer-essential app, it’s available to download for iOS. The basic version is free or you can subscribe in-app for full access to all features. Although not available currently for Android, Windows and Mac OS Desktop, there are plans to release the app on those platforms in the future.

Image credit: Feature image (It’s Nice That) and main post image (Uncrate)


Check out the video below for more info.