Case Study Inspire

The Journey with Inspire:

Office Environmental Branding

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Inspire has one fierce objective: to assist ambitious and driven individuals. Their new office environment was designed to reflect their passion for being different. Here are a few images of the offices, before we got to work:

Past Inspiration

We knew we could push the boundaries to create a truly inspirational space. The team and clients needed to be energised in a creative and bright setting.   Entire walls were utilised for white boards, brand colours, and key messaging across the entire two story office, to provide an enriching atmosphere.

Future Creation

This transformational project also included all new flooring, furniture, decoration, blinds and graphics.

The destination

The feedback from both staff and clients has been incredible.

  • “This is going to transform how we work”
  • “It feels completely different, so fresh and engaging”
  • “We will use the space so differently from now on”
  • “What an amazing transformation! It doesn’t feel like the same office and I really love the trees!”