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The Journey with Inspire:

Office Environmental Branding

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Inspire provides a complete range of financial services to support entrepreneurs and owner-managed businesses, whose needs and requirements are often as diverse as the businesses they are involved in. Located along the South Coast, their award-winning team of advisors share one fierce objective: to enable ambitious and driven individuals to succeed. Inspire are passionate about being different and the brief for their new office environment met this objective perfectly. Here are a few images of the offices, before we got to work:

Having been lucky enough to have worked with the Inspire team before, we knew we could push the boundaries to create a truly inspirational space! They were determined for the team and clients alike, to feel inspired and invigorated, in a creative and bright setting. They are not your typical accountancy firm and their innovative way of working with their clients helped guide the direction we took. Detailed visuals were created to ensure the team were in love with the new look and feel of their space, before any production started.

The brand spanking new office environment is indeed a far cry from your typical accountancy firm. Take a look at the incredible result! Utilising entire walls for white boards, incorporating brand colours and key messaging across the entire 2 story office. This was a transformational project and included all new flooring, furniture, decoration, blinds and graphics. Scheduling was critical to minimise disruption and teams worked on weekends and during the night to ensure this was achieved.

A complete transformational environmental branding success! Global were thrilled to undertake this project with Inspire and the feedback from both staff and clients has been incredible. “This is going to transform how we work” “It feels completely different, so fresh and engaging” “We will use the space so differently from now on” “What an amazing transformation! It doesn’t feel like the same office and I really love the trees!”