Meet the team – Dan

Dan joined the Global Adventure in September 2021 as a Junior Designer. We caught up with him to get to know him a bit more…

1. What first attracted you to join the Global Adventure?

Global is a small studio with big ideas. A tight knit team that has the drive and willpower to deliver quality services to renowned clients, what’s not to love? I thrive in being part of a team where I feel that my input has a direct and immediate impact.

2. If we said risk taker or risk averse, what would you be?

I’ll go with tentative risk taker. Weighing up the pros and cons thoroughly before making a choice has always been my way of deciding to take the leap or shy away. Though sometimes, you must try and overcome the odds that are against you!

3. What experience do you have to grab our clients by the hand and fearlessly guide them through the wilderness?

Since my GCSEs at school, I’ve been involved in the world of digital creation. From film production to game design, from photography to typography, I’ve dabbled in it all. I found my penchant for digital design during my time at the University of Winchester.

4. What are your go to secret weapons you’ve needed to survive?

Listening is a big one. Letting other people talk and truly listening to what they’re saying and how they’re saying it. Uncovering the meanings behind what they’re saying. A lot can be discovered from someone by the way they’re talking to you.

5. To be come a Global guide, you need to be valiant. What is the most courageous thing you have done to date?

I would never label myself as a courageous person per se. If I had to choose however, I would go with living as myself and not allowing the world around me to change who I am. Not putting on a face for anyone or falling into the habit of being who others expect me to be. I’m happy in myself and I wouldn’t change that.

6. To embark on a journey of the unknown, making friends along the way is imperative to survival. Describe three attributes that would influence people.

Calmness, understanding, and honesty.

7. We begin some adventures stripped down to the bare minimum. What can’t you live without and why?

As ambiguous as it sounds, I cannot live without art. Be it music, video games, traditional, or anything beyond. My life is entirely defined by the art that I consume. Can you imagine how dull and grey our experiences would be without the colour and beauty that art adds to our life?

8. Share a design that inspires you… something you then bring into your work for brands

Whenever you walk up to a door and have the panic of figuring out if you should push it or pull it, that door has failed in its UI/UX. Whereas, a door that you don’t even acknowledge and pass through is perfect. I use this way of thinking in design, you shouldn’t need to think about how to navigate a website or app, this should come naturally. The moment that a user must figure out what they are looking for or where something is, they are losing interest and your UI/UX is failing.

9. When you are not being heroic at work, what do you do in your spare time?

To let you in on a secret, I’m a closet nerd. I really enjoy fantasy world settings and have been involved in a long running Dungeons & Dragons game for the past 4 years, in which I run the game and write the storyline. That sounded a lot cooler in my head…

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