Making Print Production Sustainable

With more and more being known about the harmful effects of pollution on the environment, it is important that print production is as sustainable as possible and so vegetable based inks have become a more popular option, including here at Global.


During the print production of InBrief, we ensure that the effects of pollution are kept to a minimum as much as possible throughout the whole process through the inks and paper used.

InBrief Printing at The Global Group

We avoid using conventional inks as these are petroleum-based and used with alcohol-based solvents. As they evaporate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are emitted into the atmosphere causing environmental pollution and damage to the ozone layer. VOCs are also a health hazard. Instead, we use vegetable based inks, because they come from a renewable source and are less harmful to the environment.


Another way, that we ensure sustainable production is to use FSC certified paper, this means that the trees harvested to produce that paper are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally, as well as protecting the people, animals and plants living in the forests and within the surrounding communities.

InBrief Printing at The Global Group

As discussed there are a number of options when it comes to ensuring sustainable print production and the effects are far reaching. Protecting the environment for future generations is a collective responsibility of all businesses.


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