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The Journey with Liberty Global:

Turning London into a canvas

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Empowering Staff

Liberty Global have had a great year. Great for strategic, financial and operating achievements. Great for empowering their staff, for being diverse and inclusive, great for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Every summary film is loaded with facts and figures – you have to create the environment for them to live. Led by the amazing director/editor Simon Jeffers, we created an infographic world that could bend and flex to cope with any amount of info.

A Reactive Infographic

In this summary film, we took a pragmatic approach to make facts and figures more impactful. Under the skilful guidance of director/editor Simon Jeffers, we crafted a real-life infographic world that flexibly adapts to handle any amount of information. This dynamic and relatable environment vividly represents the living environments of the teams, turning raw data into a captivating and immersive experience.

Celebrating Uniquely

Liberty Global and Virgin Media have a different brand: and they express this with a different voice. It is quite a challenge to make divergent content, yet stay on within the authentic. For this execution they wanted to be on the “spicier” end, rather than the gloss. Gritty and street, Big picture and detailed, we loved turning London into a canvas, and finding LG’s unique way of celebrating a great year. For this particular execution, they aimed to lean towards a “spicier” and grittier style, eschewing glossiness. Embracing a raw and street vibe, we embraced both the big picture and intricate details, turning London into a captivating canvas. It was a delightful experience to discover Liberty Global’s unique way of celebrating their successful year, and we took great pleasure in bringing their vision to life.

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