Case Study Lester Brunt

The Journey with Lester Brunt:

Bringing finance to life.

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Lester Brunt Wealth Management is a family-focused business, born out of the passion to help clients build and secure financial freedom for individuals and for families. They believe that financial advice is for everyone, no matter your wealth, no matter your age. We believe in stories to connect with an audience. Here a series of family vignettes showed the brands values and their services, in a soft, understandable way.

A family business

Lester Brunt help with intergenerational wealth planning for their clients, but they are intergenerational themselves, father to son and daughter. They have helped their clients achieved their goals, and then helped their children achieve theirs. The other real difference of Lester Brunt is their forward-thinking approach to ESG - a system for how to measure the sustainability of a company or investment in three specific categories: environmental, social and governance.

Future Creation

Lester Brunt truly embrace ESG and together we reflected that with the aesthetic throughout the animation and bespoke illustrations. We are particularly proud, not just of the rebrand, but of the ability to illustrate content in real time with the client - a truly visionary Sam Lester.

The destination

A great site. A great brand. A great client. A story well told.