Introducing Rich

Rich joined the Global Adventure in December as Client Services Manager. We caught up with him to get to know him a bit more…

1. Welcome Rich. Apart from Darren’s good looks, what attracted you to join the Global Adventure?

Thank you, I’m excited to join the team and be part of the journey. Yes, of course Darren’s good looks were certainly a draw, but the fresh ground coffee did clinch it!

2. If we said risk taker or nervous nellie, what would you be?

I guess I have a balance of both. I take risks when required with a dollop of caution. It’s important to be considered but also have the self-confidence to stand by your decision.

3. What experience do you have to grab our clients by the hand and fearlessly guide them through the wilderness?

I’ve worked within print & media my entire career to date, covering litho, digital, small and large format and POS, and have been fortunate enough to have been influenced by many skilled and talented individuals and teams. I find confidence from the professional relationships I’ve enjoyed which serves me well day-to-day.

4. What are your go to secret weapons you’ve needed to survive?

Sausage rolls! OK, I believe that honesty, integrity and courtesy with a smile are the bedrock for all relationships be it professional or personal. Treat people how you’d expect to be treated and it makes every day and experience a positive one (failing that, it’s sausage rolls though!).

5. To be come a Global guide, you need to be valiant. What is the most courageous thing you have done to date?

Courage takes lots of forms (and you won’t catch me near a bungee jump!), but I try to remain principled and stand up for what is right. You should follow your moral compass, even when it’s the hardest route.

6. To embark on a journey of the unknown, making friends along the way is imperative to survival. Describe three attributes that would influence people.

Honesty, integrity, and my amazing singing voice!

7. We begin some adventures stripped down to the bare minimum. What can’t you live without and why?

Oooh difficult – I haven’t got all my eggs in any one single basket, so I’m not reliant on any one single thing that could finish me off!

8. Rocky Road, or Marshmallows?

Neither thanks – I’m a savoury kinda guy!

9. When you are not being heroic at work, what do you do in your spare time?

I like to get out with my family and friends. Mountains, trails, snow, sea and sand make me smile with any combination of a snowboard, bike, or backpack. On the flip side, let me have a comfy sofa and a box-set and I’m sorted!

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