Why design is crucial to a successful internal comms strategy

internal comms

Design has the ability to inform, motivate and delight employees. If they are clear on the vision and values of the business and feel empowered, it helps them become advocates of the brand. 

Avoid the Obvious

Creativity is key. By taking the time to produce well-thought out, carefully designed and memorable communications, it shows your employees that you’re interested in their perspective. For the best impact, take a conversational approach and you’ll find that messages will reach people more effectively.


Immersive Environmental Branding

Internal communications isn’t just limited to a handbook or corporate video. Design can be used in an immersive way too. The environment your team work in is just as important. Re-think the workspace and use design to surround the team with the company culture you want to create. This will communicate the company ethos in a tangible way.


“Environmental branding now plays much more of an active part in an internal communication strategy more than ever before. Ensuring that the employee working space emanates the brand ethos and ensures that staff are fully immersed into the way of thinking that is required of the strategy will help maximise results.” – Alex, Marketing & Client Services Director of Enliven


Data Doesn’t Have To Be Dull

Create a visual language that can be used within the design of infographic posters. This way you can present data in a colourful and fun way. Not only does it reinforce the brand, it also keeps it present within the working environment.


Some final words of advice…


With all that creative expertise in the studio, we asked our team to share their design tips for a winning internal comms.

“Keep it on brand but don’t be restricted – Your brand is a representation of how you communicate to both external and internal audiences. A consistent visual language should be used to ensure a cohesive and united tone of voice, however, it’s important not to become too comfortable and systemised in your approach in order for your internal comms to remain fresh and engaging.”

Dan, Designer

“Although not quite as diverse as your customer base, your workforce is still made up of a wide ranging group of individuals, regardless of your industry/sector. You need to strike a tone that will resonate across your internal teams without being too vanilla! As ever consistency here is king, and key to building engagement with each successive communication.”

Tom, Designer

“First impressions are important so make the experience memorable for both your customers and employees by creating an inspiring and visually engaging environment. To get people on board, use your brand as a storytelling mechanism and create a range of influential and motivational graphics and quotes that illustrate a journey that everyone can enjoy, understand and embrace.”

Olivia, Designer

“Finding a creative angle that is on brand is crucial to a great communications project or strategy, whether internal or external. People respond positively to creativity and if you can include an element of interaction, this can really make your campaign successful. The interaction element can also be a great measure for how engaged and happy your people are. Make every work day an adventure and your people will grow and be courageous in everything they do.”

Darren, Creative Director

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